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Parasailing and Paragliding on the Big Island of Hawaii

From - a Para-sail is a parachute attached to some moving transportation medium like a four-wheel drive or a motorboat. The Parachute goes up in the air when the transport medium gets moving and the person attached with it takes three or four quick steps and then in the air. The sheer joy of soaring in the sky hundreds of feet above and not much need of training has made this game immensely popular. It has been a family joyride for a long time.

We say - "You get pulled over water by a boat while you're hanging from a parachute."
No real big danger except for maybe sharks, shallow reefs and strong wind currents that can snap your line and send you adrift into a nearby city with fast moving cars and sharp things lying around.
Pleasures: eh, this one kewl but bring a knife cause it gets pretty boring without any dangers. (Use the knife to cut the line after you get real high.)

UFO Parasail -
Reserve your spot for the only parasailing adventure on the Big Island!

We say - "Paragliding is not parasailing. Paragliders are not attached to a boat or anything else. You just find a way to get as high as you can and glide down. This might be your best bet if you're seeking more action in your adventure. They also have gas cans and engines you can strap to your back. Why do that? To power the fan that will take you anywhere. Get the motorized version and you'll be getting rocks thrown at you in no time, if you're lucky."

Contact Fly Hawaii
Discover paragliding, the world's fastest growing air sport. Start today. Offering instruction, sales and service.


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