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Snowboarding on the Big Island, more specifically, Mauna Kea or Mauna Loa is dangerous. Don't even think of riding here wiithout mountaineering experience in icey conditions. Be prepared before you get dropped off at the top.

Snow Boarding on the Big Island of Hawaii - Video and Recent photos >>

Mauna Kea Snowboarding Checklist - >>

Snowboarding webcams, weather forecast, current conditions and road status - >>

Snow Boarding Photos from the top of Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawaii - also see the latest Big Island Snowboarding video clips >>

On top of Mauna Kea. 60 mph gusts, icey and bullet-proof conditions. No one kea.

With the camera facing the opposite direction you can see why.
This is the poi bowl and on sunny days, it's like
dropping into the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Get'em Ronnie!


Unidentified future wahine ripper. Girls Rewl!
Her friend was pushing her through the snow in his slippahs.
Mauna Loa in the background.

A lone rider "coming down the mountain." That's for you Janes fans.

Natural bunny slope? Kids need kickers so bring a shovel when you come up.
and better bring a musubi!

Aussies on the Mountain and Charging!
Different day and much better conditions. Check out the snow! These folks just moved here from Austrailia and so totally into surfing and snowboarding... and aloha.

Barrel of Snowboarding Monkees on Mauna Kea - Big Island of Hawaii
Barrel of snowboarding monkees.