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These are the top ten things to do on the Big Island this week.


3rd Friday at Kope Kope Featuring Basic Human Tone and THE best underground talent.

True spoken word, true open mic. Bring what it is you've got to say. If you haven't been to a third Friday yet, get to Kope Kope Friday night around 6pm.

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Basic Human Tones

ReBirth 2006 - You should have been there.

Rebirth 2006 on the Big Island of Hawaii

Three days of Burning Man in Puna.

Photos Here >>

(If you like the photos, I can post video too)

Rebirth 2006 - Regional Burning Man Event on the Big Island of Hawaii

Aloha kama'aina!
Find your old classmates on any island through a new local service called No, it's not about Pakaloa but you'll probably still get that aloha induction when you see your old friends photos. All you gotta do is register under the Hawaii high school you graduated from and surf.
Check it out at:

Support your local business people on the net by checking it out now!

Basic Human Tones Eye Opener!

If you haven't been to one of these shows, you're missing out. The show started off with braddahs Bo, Drew, Nacho and Peter rythmically entrancing the crowd until, BAM! SAMBA! A group of about 6 or 7 Samba dancers sprung onto the stage and unleased every mind in Nichols.

It was a crazy way to start the Basic Human Tones last gig with Nacho as Kurt, Kalae, Larry and Drew stole hearts and minds.

Basic Human Tone's Next gig and last gig with braddah Nacho in Hawaii is March 17th at Kope Kope.

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Basic Human Tones
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Off Topic! Register your cell phones on the National Do Not Call List before it's too late!

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It's free and it works great here in Hawaii. No coconuts, wires or hassles. Try it for free now!

Big Island SMS Text Fun

Not everyone has a cell phone or knows how to send instant message via their cell phone. Surprise your friends. Give it a try.

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Skills to pay the bills

When it comes to acoustic rhythms and exquisitely, smooth and equally powerful vocals that rhyme, Joel and Wind Strong have the beats that move your feet's and tickle your soul.

Look for Wind Strong playing with Groundation soon.

Click here for a lousy quality video. (22.3mb .wmv)

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